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Lovelace Ferreira Consulting, LLC

Lovelace Ferreira Consulting is an investment firm specializing in the following:

* Cryptocurrencies with real world application / use case

* Precious metals - Gold & Silver

* Android mobile app development focusing on cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities.

* Passive income real estate

  • Disclosures

We are not in the business of providing any type of financial advice. We are seekers of investment opportunities and do our due diligence to scrutinize each option for feasibility, validity, and growth potential.  

We actively seek out homes with a buy and hold strategy to add to our rental portfolio in situations where that is the best choice.  Once we obtain ownership of each rental property, monthly property management tasks are outsourced to our team of reliable property management companies based on the location of the property.  Currently licensed in real estate with no affiliation, I have changed direction to focus on passive real estate rental opportunities, and therefore will allow my license to expire in 2019, as it is not needed.

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